Couples Intensive


In addition to weekly couples therapy, I also offer a low-fee two-hour Couples Intensive. The Couples Intensive that can serve to jump start your weekly couples work with me or can be used as a standalone workshop to work on goals specific to your relationship.

What is a Couples Intensive? The Couples Intensive is a two-hour standalone workshop customized for you and your partner to work on goals specific to your relationship.

What are the benefits of the Couples Intensive? Because the Couples Intensive is a standalone workshop, it is ideal for couples who are interested in learning some take-home skills to deepen and strengthen their relationship. Benefits of a standalone workshop include:

  • Prevention: Working on small issues before they become big problems

  • Maintenance: Quick tune up for couples who have previous experience with couples therapy in the past

  • Action plan: Learn concrete skills to take home and begin trying out immediately

The Couples Intensive can also serve as a brief introduction to couples counseling for couples who are new to family therapy. Finally, for couples who are interested in weekly couples counseling, the Couples Intensive can serve to jump start your work.

What is the structure of the Couples Intensive? The workshop is two hours and can be schedule on Fridays. We first explore your relationship and then use goal-oriented therapy techniques to teach a set of customized skills for you to take home and start trying out immediately. If you and your partner are interested in attending weekly couples sessions, we can use the workshop to identify longer-term and complex goals that you want to continue working on.

What kinds of issues can be addressed in the Couples Intensive? Short-term, goal-oriented relationship issues can include:

  • Improving verbal and non-verbal communication

  • Deepening intimacy

  • Working through jealousy or insecurity

  • Managing life transitions, such as parenting or care-taking

  • Establishing healthy boundaries

  • Learning about and negotiating open/poly relationships

  • Exploring sex and sexuality

  • Managing mental health within the family unit

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