Lawyers and Law Firms



Lawyers are a tough breed and there is a misconception that we should be able to figure out our problems without help.  And, as is oft-repeated in our happy hour venting sessions and to our spouses, how could a non-lawyer understand?

The law career is not meant to be pleasant and we rationalize our unhappiness with the belief that we are well-compensated. For some reason, we don’t deserve happiness and health.  By now, though, we know that the unrelenting stress of the job cannot be made up for.  Being unhappy in a high-pressure career can wreak havoc on your physical health, your mental health and your personal life.  Divorce rates, suicide rates, and substance abuse statistics are all higher for lawyers than for any other profession. 

Unlike most therapists, coaches and consultants, I have personal experiences in various parts of the legal career, including working in biglaw, transitioning in-house, moving states and going through the bar exam process while employed and making good on that escape plan.  Law firms can prescribe self-care endlessly but it requires a particular effort to build self-care into a law firm life.

And if you are one of those invaluable lawyers who wants to know how to make the lawyer experience better for those who work for you, I also offer executive and leadership coaching.  If these issues resonate with you, please email me at to discuss how I can help you.