Services Overview

I believe many of the challenges we face in life are interweaved together and it can take some conscious effort to untangle the root of our obstacles.  In a similar vein, I believe tackling these problems can begin from any number of starting points, whether you want to start with your work life or your personal life.  No matter where we start, we will discover together how all the parts of your life are related.  I like to take a holistic approach to understanding you as an individual, how you fit into your world and how you would like to.



Very often, we do not notice patterns in our lives until a stressor brings them to light.  If you are feeling stuck, confused or distressed and wondering about how different parts of your life and history impact your current emotions and behaviors, counseling could be right for you.



Life coaching and executive coaching is ideal for those who feel emotionally stable but confused or stuck on specific issues, such as a stagnant career or difficulty navigating a certain relationship.  As your coach, I will explore the specific question you have, brainstorm potential solutions, and help you follow through until we have overcome the obstacles.



Employee satisfaction is a strong indicator of corporate success and sometimes it is most effective for an outsider to assess and create interventions to increase employee engagement and decrease attrition.  Interventions include trainings and workshops, individual coaching and consulting sessions and team-building seminars.